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To Someone Special:

We don’t know you yet, but we admire you. You deserve a lot of respect. By considering adoption, you are doing a brave and loving thing. Are we the right family for your baby? Only you can decide. But we would love to get to know you.

So what’s our story? Actually, it took us a while to find each other. For a long time, we both wondered if God wanted us to stay single … but we didn’t like that idea. We finally met on eHarmony and we fell in love! We got married in April 2014 and we were overjoyed when our son Luke was born 10 months later.

We loved being parents SO much that we decided to try again right away… but this time it wasn’t so easy. After two years of treatment, we have been diagnosed with “unexplained secondary infertility.” Unless God gives us a miracle, we won’t be able to have another child.

But deep down, we feel that our family is not quite complete. Somebody is still missing! We are longing to adopt a precious baby, so we can pour our love into that child’s life.

In our family, your child will grow up knowing that you are an important person who made a loving choice. In fact, we hope that he or she will grow up knowing YOU -- we want to have visits and Skype calls and we’ll text you lots of cute photos!